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Chains We Support

These are the list of Available blockchain.

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Experience perfect balance, decentralization,
and a seamless user experience.
Reduce drop off by 62%
Tailored solution that caters to users of all technical backgrounds. Reduce user drop-off, enhance user engagement.
Increase ease and conversion by 71%
Fully optimize your product’s performance with seamless and efficient Web3 interactions.
Give user freedom
With clear navigation, logical architecture, and an intuitive design, users can enjoy flexibility in the Web3 landscape.

Data Compliance
and Security

Elevate user trust and loyalty with XuperAuth. We prioritize user privacy with robust data protection measures, ensuring compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. Rest assured, sensitive information is shielded with military-grade encryption throughout the authentication process.

Dedicated APIs for Building User-Friendly Blockchain Experiences

Focus on innovation. Develop blockchain applications on your preferred EVM chain. Build DApps, DEXs, NFTs, with ready-made APIs, SDKs and Templates
Our SDK is available in
multiple languages
XuperAuth provides SDKs available in a wide range of programming languages, including PHP, Python, and Javascript. This flexibility allows you to leverage your existing skillset and build web3 applications with ease, regardless of your coding background.
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